• Milene Rios

    Jornalista formada em 2005 com passagens pela Rádio Jovem Pan (Baixada Santista), TV Tribuna (afiliada da Globo na Baixada Santista), G1 (portal de notícias da Globo) e O Estado de S. Paulo (Jornal do Carro).

  • Hayram Nicacio

    A highly capable, all rounded individual, he has demonstrated and broad experience in the electronics industry, software development and process managements. With his key strength in embedded electronics, automotive electronics and software development, he has proven strength and expertise in the field and is dedicated to aiding the company’s success.

    Innovative, resourceful and highly analytical, he has been personally involved and spearheaded the startup/ setup of entities and utilizes the extent of his knowledge to increase product safety and performance, cost reduction and revenue growth. Proven experience in software engineering, safety standards, development process and strategic planning; he exhibits proven expertise and skills.

    Core Expertise & Competencies

    Broad experience software development and in electronics industry
    Critical projects and Agile Development Methodology
    Mentoring skills
    Cost reduction
    Operation management
    Product safety and performance
    Software engineering
    Strategic planning

  • Christopher Dane Shulby

    I am a Computational Linguist with a long history in NLP and Researcher in the area of Speech Processing, currently working at the SiDi Samsung Research Institute as the technical leader for the Bixby personal assistant and in other projects involving Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Chatbot engines.

    My PhD dissertation was in the area Speech Recognition, specifically, acoustic modeling for non-native speech utilizing a special Deep CNN-SVM with statistical learning guarantees developed for use on small or noisy datasets. I am passionate about the applications of Statistical Learning Theory to Deep architectures, instead of using these algoritms as simple black boxes.

    I Program fluently in Python, R, Bash-Unix and Praat Script and have a an intermediate certificate in C/C++.

    I was born in the United States, finished high school in Germany, married a Brazilian/Spanish dual citizen, currently live in Brazil and speak multiple languages including: English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

    Outside of work I enjoy being a father to my young daughter and being outdoors (away from technology). I am an avid athlete and enjoy swimming, running, biking, hiking and skiing. I have two dogs and enjoytravelling with my family in the Campinas (Brazil) region which has been my home for the last four years.

  • Marcus Vinicius Stradiotto Farbiarz

    R&D Manager of Samsung Electronics projects, responsible for Security Audit of embedded/mobile devices, applications and services.

    Currently working with Offensive Security and secure audit of software design/architecture.Experience on Team Leading, project planning and management, including SCRUM, Kanban and PMI methodologies.

    Previous technical experience: assembly language, automation, c, c + +, software debugging, embedded systems, intelligent network, linux, motorola hardware, network administration, protocols, six sigma, software development, unix, teaching, telecommunications, telephone skills, shell scripting, mobile devices security assessment, monitoring of security threats, project management.

  • Regis Ataides

    Support companies and people to acchieve outstanding performance. That is the way I think about deploying digital solutions to different industries and companies.

    With more than 15 years of experience in digital solutions, PLM, CAE, Industry 4.0 to engineering, I have always focused my job on my customer needs and experience.

    Get in contact through InMail or message to discuss how we can leverage Digitalization to your company.