President of the 2019 SAE BRASIL Congress:
Christopher Podgorski, Scania

The 28th SAE BRASIL International Mobility Technology Congress and Exhibition from 14-18 October 2019, at São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo, and connect the major trends in Mobility Engineering. 

At the 28th edition of Congress, the theme is "Inteligent Vehicles And Roads - The Way To Sustainable Mobility" and will be chaired by Christopher Podgorski, SAE BRASIL 2019
Congress President and President - Scania to Latin America.

The SAE BRASIL Congress brings to the mobility engineering community the latest technological innovations in the industry, making it an ideal environment for professionals to update their knowledge and expand their networks of contacts; and for companies, a suitable place to present their products, raise their profile and leverage business.

The Technological Exhibition is ahead of its time with the most important innovations in the market. The event has a program that includes thematic panels, presented by renowned national and international speakers, as well as presentations of technical papers developed by authors which operate in industries and universities.

During the course of the event, SAE BRASIL promotes the recognition and award of several categories inherent to the objectives of the SAE BRASIL Congress.

Oct. 14th – Technological Exhibition – 01h00pm to 09h00pm
Oct. 15th -  Congress SAE BRASIL / Technological Exhibition – 09:00am to 09h00pm
Oct. 16th -  Congress SAE BRASIL / Technological Exhibition – 09:00am to 09h00pm
Oct. 17th -  Congress SAE BRASIL / Technological Exhibition – 09:00am to 09h00pm
Oct. 18th -  Technological Exhibition - 01h00pm to 09h00pm

Theme 2019


The Engineering Community has a big challenge of developing the road map for a sustainable Mobility of the Future. In this way, we will have connected and autonomous vehicles using intelligent roads, providing transportation for people and loads within rigorous principles of sustainability.

The 28th.  SAE BRASIL Congress and Technological Exhibit will bring the outstanding Mobility Engineering   experts to present and discuss the most up-to-date researches and developments in propulsion, autonomous driving and high energy efficiency systems , as well as Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Intelligent Transportation Systems.